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email: info@nolimitsforme.com

If you wish to submit an article to Cultivate Life! magazine please read the following.

Articles of 500–2500 words with a short bio of no more than 30 words are preferred.
Your article must have substance to it.  It must have something to say to readers of Cultivate Life! magazine, so we suggest you research the type of material we publish by looking at the contents of Cultivate Life! magazine before submitting your article.  Articles must give the reader information they can either use or at least find interesting.  If your article is simply a 'push' for your book, course or seminar, it will most likely not be accepted.  Of course, if accepted, we will tag it with your bio material which may mention your book, course or seminar and can include a link to your website.

If accepted and suitable your article also be archived on www.trans4mind.com

When your article appears in Cultivate Life! magazine we ask that you contact your own membership list announcing you are being featured and include a link to the subscription page, www.trans4mind.com

That's it!

Of course, if you have promotional ideas which fall outside the above framework let's talk about them.  We are easy to get along with!