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"My passion is providing ideas and information that inspires and empowers you to live the life you were born to live. Having gone from living a life of quiet desperation to one that is beyond anything I ever thought possible, I know the value of ideas and information that you can use to change your life."
—Jim Donovan

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Meet the Dynamic Divas

ANNOUNCING: For the first time ever an audio series featuring eight of the most amazing women entrepreneurs, each sharing her own journey to success and her best strategies to help you learn powerful new ideas for living your most magnificent life

Find out what makes these multiple six figure women tick! Peek Into their Minds and Learn Their Success Secrets . . .

Learn how they juggle the challenges of running a business, raising a family, maintaining their sanity and still manage to have fun in today's fast paced world.

Here's just a small sampling of what you'll learn from this powerful series:

• How one woman went from worthless to priceless and realized her true worth
• How to get out of your own way
• Why you deserve success on your terms
• A radical approach to prosperity and success!
• How you can tap into the unlimited prosperity of the Universe
• A simple exercise to overcome overwhelm and welcome the life you deserve
• How to achieve your dreams and still manage to juggle all the responsibilities of home and family
• Why average is just not good enough
• Follow a simple system to start living with no regrets
• Why most people are doing their business backwards

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