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The Power of Affirmations  
—Part 2 of 2
by Sharon Elaine

Are you looking for a magic wand, which will instantly give you everything you desire?   While affirmation usage is a valuable tool to help you fine-tune your energy and mental focus, it takes varying amounts of time to manifest your desired creations.  However, once you embrace the habit of using positive affirmations, your thoughts become positively focused, and you are on the path to effectively creating the life you desire.  

Close your eyes for a moment and listen until a few words or phrases come to the forefront of your mind.  Don’t censor them, just let them come.  Most people are surprised at some of the garbage which floats to the front of their mind, when they take the time to focus there.  If you allow these garbage thoughts to continue, you will continue to create what you don’t want.   It’s a bit of a magic wand, set in reverse.

Most people are unaware of the majority of their thoughts and the power and energy they contain.   They get so used to hearing (and ignoring) their own inner ramblings that they remain unaware of the harm some of their repetitive thoughts cause. 

These seemingly innocuous thoughts then begin to manifest as negative experiences in physical reality.  As most people don’t remember programming their minds to carry out negative instructions, they begin to look outside themselves for people to blame instead of taking responsibility themselves and doing something about it.

The user of affirmations unleashes a powerful tool which helps create positive experiences.  Once your mind habitually begins to focus on optimistic, uplifting thoughts and beliefs, what happens to those garbage thoughts?  They go to the dump, where they belong.

Here’s a quick exercise that you can perform with any phrase of your choosing.  Today, we’ll use the following statement.

Say this sentence aloud:

I’m always kind, loving, successful and happy.

Then quickly listen to the answer your mind gives you.  Write it down if you like.  Don’t be alarmed if you hear opposing ideas and beliefs coming from your internal chatter.  Often one will hear “no way that is true”, or “not with these fat thighs” or some other reminder of your internal dichotomy.  When you hear such negative chatter, you are experiencing a few of your lingering internal negative affirmations. 

The question then becomes, are your thoughts representative of what you want to be reinforcing?   Is your internal voice helping you to create what you desire?  This is easy to ascertain.  Just take a look at your life.   Is there is anything you’d like to change? If so, then you’ve been repeating negative affirmations to yourself long enough to create unwanted experiences in your reality.

What can you gain from beginning a regular affirmation practice?

•    You’ll begin to master the power you have within yourself and will naturally become a healthier, more successful and peaceful individual. 
•    You’ll start to pull into your reality your most successful and loving business and personal relationships.  
•    You’ll look within yourself on a more regular basis and begin to trust yourself, and like what you see. 
•    You’ll look around you and smile at what you helped bring into your life, with the positive focus that affirmation usage brings.

I’m often asked if affirmations must be done as a formal practice, or if they are also useful in normal, everyday situations.  My answer is that affirmations are helpful whenever you use them.  Many people begin and end their day with affirmations, which is a wise practice, and yet you may certainly use affirmations in the midst of daily situations when you need a little help. 

Let me give you an example where the use of positive affirmations altered an uncomfortable and annoying situation into a positive, enjoyable one. 

My son and I were at the movies, when a group of teenagers descended upon the theatre, and began to be noisy and chaotic.  Everyone in the theatre attempted to ignore them.  Then, groups of people began to move to other seats in the theatre, to get away from them. 

I started to get really irritated.  At one point, I even used my Mommy voice and yelled to them: “quiet!”, which was like poking a hungry lion.  It seemed to make them more determined to ruin the movie for all of us.  Even asking the manager to quiet them down only worked for a moment, and then they were back at it, with a vengeance.

I took a moment to check inside to see what thoughts were lurking there.  Sure enough, I was thinking thoughts such as “Those stupid kids, now the movie is ruined”  “I’m going to have to ask for my money back, what rotten luck”, and “They are making me so angry”.

I knew it was up to me to alter the course of my thoughts, my energy, and the present moment.  I took a deep breath, then another.  During the third deep breath, I began to repeat positive affirmations to myself of what I wished to experience.

I began with “I’m so glad those kids have quieted down and are now enjoying the movie with the rest of us”.  Then onto “I remember being a kid and how much energy that gives you, I’m glad they’re having fun and feeling joyful and are now being more quiet”, and most important of all “I’m in charge of my own emotions, and choose to feel peaceful, loving and joyful right now while I enjoy the rest of the movie”.

I instantly felt better, and more in control.  Did the teenagers stop making noise right away?  It’s hard to say, as I forgot to focus on them so I didn’t even notice.  For you see, it’s the focusing that holds the power.  When you continue to focus on what you don’t want, and let your thoughts run away with negative ideas and scenarios, you are more apt to bring that experience into your reality.

Today, try a few of these techniques when in heavy traffic, while waiting in line at the grocery store, or when dealing with other difficult or annoying situations.

Affirmations are easy for some to create, and difficult for others.  This is why I wrote a book of over 5,000 categorized affirmations for those who did not wish to create their own. 

I hope to meet with you again within the covers of my book, “The Book of Affirmations”, as you continue creating the life you desire.

Some affirmations for you to use today:

Peace and happiness surrounds me in all that I do today
Today is the very best day to be happy
Money and prosperity are coming to me from all directions now
Within this moment, I am truly free

Change your mind and you change your reality!

With The Book of Affirmations the reader can make a powerful, positive difference in their life with only a few minutes of positive self-talk a day.  We do have power over our thoughts!

This books shows that the future is ours to create whatever life we want for ourselves.

In this book Sharon Elaine has created carefully worded affirmations for almost every possible need.

The Book of Affirmations contains over 5,000 categorized, positive self-talk statements. NO longer will you need to struggle to create your own affirmations. The Book of Affirmations has done all the work for you! Each affirmation is numbered and written in the present tense, and has been carefully worded to be positive and effective.

It's fun to pick a number that pops into your head, then find the numbered affirmation and see if it speaks to you. Or open the book at any point and see which affirmations jump out at you. Or you can look up the affirmations you want, from the category list of over 60 different categories!

You CAN make a powerful, positive difference in your life, with only a few minutes of positive self-talk a day. You DO have power over your thoughts, and can change your old, limiting beliefs about yourself and your life. The future is yours and you can create whatever life you want for yourself. Don't wait! The time to begin is now!

Change your mind and you change your reality!

The Book of Affirmations is personally recommended by Dr Deepak Chopra:
"Sharon's affirmations will undoubtedly help anyone on their spiritual journey."

“Even the most secure of us let doubts creep into our everyday lives. Sharon Elaine has provided us with a handy source of reinforcing the positive attitudes we work so hard to acquire. Her concise statements allow the reader to get a quick "pick-me-up," and may even be used in meditation.”



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