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Issue 6,  May 23, 2009     —      Robin Silverman, Something Wonderful is About to Happen

Something Wonderful is About to Happen
by Robin L. Silverman

There’s a lot of talk these days about the Law of Attraction.  People everywhere are beginning to understand that life is not nearly as random as we once thought, and that basically, life does not happen to us, but through us.  We are learning about ourselves not just as human beings, but energetic ones.  The big question has become:  How do I create the things and experiences I want, and repel or avoid the ones I don’t?

Some think that it’s all just a matter of repeatedly thinking positive thoughts about things we like.  But there’s a problem with this kind of relentless positive thinking:  it’s exhausting, and most people can’t do it for very long.  The fact is that approximately 80% of our thoughts are negative, and for good reason.  First, because our fight/flight response shows that we are biologically designed to run away from dinosaurs.  But since dinosaurs became extinct, we have evolved into a species of worriers.  So if we think that anything or anyone could possibly cause us pain in any way, we’ll put up our mental defenses against it. 

Secondly, our negativity guarantees our connection to others.  You will often hear people say, “I feel your pain,” but you almost never hear anyone say, “I share your happiness.”  So if a friend asks you how you are and you go on and on about how wonderful everything is for you, eventually they’ll say something like, “Well, that’s nice” and walk away.  We need to have a “but…” in our lives somewhere in order for people to identify with us and feel they have value—something to offer that we don’t otherwise have—in our lives.   In short, our negativity helps us make friends.

Finally, our negativity comes from the fact that things need to go wrong in order for us to set them right.  It’s a game, to be sure, but it’s one that inspires us with stories of greatness, gives us jobs to do, and ensures that creation will continue to grow and expand.  We need negative contrast in order to know what an experience of the positive feels like.  As the saying goes, “The blind man does not know the meaning of darkness because he’s never seen the light.” 

The key to making the Law of Attraction work for you is not only in what you think, but in allowing yourself to listen to and accept how you feel in any given moment.  Resistance lowers our vibration and makes us “attractive” to experiences most people would call “negative.”  So it’s important to simply acknowledge, allow and accept how you feel without trying to resist or change the feeling.  When you do, the negative charge starts to dissipate, and a more positive vibration ultimately results. 

Every thought produces an emotion.  You think; you feel.  And ultimately, it’s not just what you think that’s bringing you the circumstances of your life.  It’s how you feel.  And the better you feel, the faster and more vivid what you might otherwise call “miracles” or “synchronicities” will arise.  

Forty-Seven True Stories of the Law of Attraction in Action

SOMETHING WONDERFUL IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN by Robin Silverman is a collection of 47 true stories of ordinary men and women who had something wonderful happen to them when they allowed life to flow through them by doing one of three things: 

1) Making a wish, even an unspoken one from deep within their hearts

2) Changing their perspective and discovering that what they were looking for was with them at that moment or

3) Doing the thing they thought (but not felt or sensed) they couldn’t do. 

At times, the challenges they faced were unbelievably harsh, including a chaplain who got caught in a terrorist attack or a mother who watched her teenage daughter suffer through the pain of chemotherapy.  Other times, nothing was particularly wrong or right.  The people simply had desires that were born in their hearts that they then did not resist or dismiss.  Some people had dreams and went after them deliberately, and found that door after door “miraculously” opened along the way.  But in every single case, something wonderful happened, and the stories had happy endings.

The one common thread that runs through all the stories is that our deepest desires are “heard” by the vibrations we emit through our emotions.  All we need do is listen, hear and allow what our souls are saying, without the censure of doubt, guilt, revenge or unworthiness.  When we do, something wonderful always happens.

Love Lights Help Readers Attract Wonders

Each of the stories in SOMETHING WONDERFUL IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN contains a “love light,” a simple idea that readers can try to apply the principle in the story to their own lives.   Love Lights bring the Law of Attraction to life quickly and easily, regardless of the age or circumstances of the reader.

SOMETHING WONDERFUL IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN is a book of hope, fun, comfort and pure joy.  It shows readers that anything is possible, including what we think of as “coincidences”  “good luck” and “miracles.”  The stories focus on finding happiness in unexpected places, including where you are right now.

author Robin Silverman

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