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Issue 8,  June 8, 2009     —      Dr Bill R. Path, Humanity's Pursuit of Purpose, from Moments of Forever

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Have you ever wondered if your life really matters or how you fit into the grand scheme of things? If you have, you are not alone. In Moments of Forever, Dr. Bill R. Path helps you discover your purpose in life and understand how you can positively direct your life and influence the lives of those around you. He believes there is something quite special inside every one of us–something of great and intrinsic value. He will show you how to search within yourself to find answers to some of life’s most persistent questions.

Moments of Forever is a road map to help you achieve your life’s aspirations. Within its covers, you will learn to:
Gain an infinite perspective on life
Recognize your immeasurable self-worth
Understand your unbreakable human connection
Comprehend how you relate to humanity’s higher callings
Cultivate incorruptible character within your life
Realize your unlimited human potential
Find purpose in every moment of life
Practical, inspirational, nonthreatening, nonjudgmental, and uncomplicated, Moments of Forever will help you put your life into context and uncover the true power and importance of your life.

"Moments of Forever is an important book that leaves you filled with hope. Dr. Path explains that each of us is significant and that our individual lives impact the whole of humanity. But, he explains, life is not about us...we are about life.

"...when you engage yourself in matters of human importance, you contribute to the ages and find true worth--forever worth.

"This is a beautiful, thought provoking book. I highly recommend it!

Joan Kollars
We have many misconceptions about our purpose in life. Frequently, we view it as some kind of unattainable ambition or as a pipe dream. Many of us have convinced ourselves that our lives are hopelessly adrift and without purpose, or that we are meant to wander aimlessly through life. Though we may be oblivious to it, each of our lives has purpose and that purpose is already underway. The experiences we have today will influence our tomorrows. We are, in fact, living and defining our purpose every day, and though we may not be consciously aware of the part that we play within the continuity of human existence, you and I play a part nonetheless. And as we discover more about ourselves and the extent of our abilities, we become more in tune with that purpose on a conscious level.

Consider that flowering plants come in hundreds of varieties and almost as many colors. An experienced gardener is able to select just the right plant to achieve a desired effect for almost any location in the garden. Some flowers, for instance, seek direct sunlight, while others thrive in shade. Some plants grow tall and spindly, while others are short and bushy. Some flowers bloom early in the season and others bloom late. The skilled gardener is able to use this variety of plants like an artist would use paints on a canvas, to create a masterpiece. The resulting garden can be truly exquisite.

Perennial plants are selected because they continue to grow and produce new foliage year after year. Annuals, on the other hand, are some of our aesthetic favorites. They live for only one growing season but produce some of the most dazzling displays of color and sweet aromas of any of the flowering plants. The master gardener knows that it takes different types of plants to produce a full and beautiful garden.

Flowers are wondrous things. They require only minimal care, but they give back boundless pleasure and enjoyment. They quietly live their lives, perfectly content to be what they are and to grow where they are planted. Living simply to blossom, their purpose is to bring beauty to the garden and a smile to the gardener’s face. If only we were as content as flowers to fulfill our purpose in life—living simply to blossom is not such a bad thing, indeed.

Many of us experience the feeling that there is something we are supposed to be doing with our lives, but we don’t always know what it is. When we feel this way, we often struggle from one venture in life to the next, searching for a connection, looking for what we are supposed to do. We often confuse our purpose with the roles that we play in life—with our occupations, our professional titles, or our livelihoods—but true purpose cannot be thus defined. Your purpose is not what you do in life; it is how you do what you do in life. Your purpose is measured in how you live your life. A life’s purpose is a central theme of humanity, a reason for being. It is a principle that defines who you are and what you wish to become. It completes us—mind and spirit—and provides a pattern to follow. It guides our way in all of our endeavors like a map to a desired destination of personal fulfillment.

Life is not simply to be lived; it must have a purpose to be fulfilled. Just as we need air to fill our lungs, we need purpose to fill our lives. For our existence to have meaning, we must have a point of reference. We require rules and parameters. We are lost without morals and principles. Without values and ethics, we are empty. Purpose molds us and shapes us and keeps us on a positive course in life. It brings out our most noble and altruistic characteristics and enables us to live up to our potential and to contribute favorably to the human experience. Fulfilling your human potential is your finest contribution to the unfinished pages of forever and is among the highest callings of humanity. It takes great courage to live your calling, to walk the path of destiny.

Finding a suitable purpose in life is one of our most daunting challenges. We do not inherit purpose by virtue of being born, nor is it an automatic rite of passage. Purpose is a choice in life—we must adopt and embrace it. We accept it through our conscious thought and freedom of will. A life without direction is misspent and confused. Sad is the person who goes through life without bearing, wandering aimlessly from job to job, from relationship to relationship, searching hopelessly for contentment and satisfaction. Likewise, great discernment should be used in choosing a course in life because a misguided sense of purpose can be even more self-destructive than having no purpose at all.

Personal fulfillment should not be our primary aim in life. Rather, we should let fulfillment find us, because genuine purpose can sometimes be found in the most inauspicious places and unexpected times. For instance, our purpose can sometimes be revealed by the personal characteristics that we most admire in others. If we develop these characteristics, we can become the type of person whom we admire. To facilitate this transformation, you may wish to expand your network of friends and spend more time around people whom you want to be like. In your journey of personal growth, if you take on the characteristics of a person whom you admire and become the type of person whom you aspire to become, your purpose may find you in the process. When you choose a lifestyle that is free of regrets, fulfillment will follow. Therefore, be a person of integrity, filled with human kindness and dignity. Be consistent; stand for something principled. Assume personal responsibility for your destiny. This behavior is purposeful. It is fulfilling. It is forever.

We are best equipped to understand and appreciate the intricacies of human existence when we are complete beings, when we have purpose, a place in the universe. Understanding your place within humanity can help you find purpose in the process. This broader understanding puts life into perspective and reveals the trivial nature of many of our concerns and decisions. Our purpose will mark us with an indelible stamp. We should each examine ourselves and determine if the purpose we have chosen in life is how we want to be remembered forever.   ###

The above is an excerpt from Moments of Forever
Dr. Bill R. Path holds degrees in Bible, counseling, and higher education. He is currently a college president in Norfolk, Nebraska where he enjoys coalition building activities and motivational speaking.
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