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Issue 9,  June 15, 2009     —      Margaret Morzkowski, The Eight Secrets: How to Achieve Anything You Want in Life

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The Eight Secrets
How to Achieve Anything You Want in Life

by Margarget Morzkowski

I’m inviting you to remember some very simple truths about success, achievement, and fulfillment. If you follow them, you will manifest everything your heart desires. It’s that simple.

1. Take total responsibility for your life
It really all starts here. There is a huge difference in creating success between people who tend to put the responsibility for their situation on the world at large (parents, employer, society, etc.) and those who know that they are the key to their own success. Do this simple exercise: Look at your life situation now, the sum total of everything you have in your life presently: your work, your financial situation, your partner, your health, your well being, your fulfillment. Then ask yourself this question: On the scale from 1 to 10 (1 being not at all and 10 being 100%), how responsible do you feel for bringing this situation about. If your answer is 6 or above, you have a much greater chance of creating health, wealth, success, happiness and contentment comparing to someone who is at 5 or below. And let me tell you this: Responsibility is not blame. The difference is the level of acceptance and understanding. You are blaming yourself or others if there are feelings of anger, shame, embarrassment, and discomfort associated with it. You are taking responsibility if you accept the fact that you made all of your past decisions based on what you knew at that time.

2. Decide what you truly want
If you could achieve anything you wanted easily and effortlessly– what would you create in your life in, let’s say, in one year or in five years? If you had a magic wand and could just wave it to create your perfect life – what would it look like? How would your life be different from what it is right now? If you had all of that, how would it make you feel? What could be possible? Answer these questions from your heart, don’t censor anything, and don’t judge your abilities to achieve it. You don’t have to know how you would go about getting it, it’s not important at this time. What’s important is that you have a powerful life vision to pull you forward with its energy. If you take a full responsibility for your life and know where you’re going, anything becomes possible.

3. Set your intention
Once you are clear on what’s most important to you and how you want your life to unfold, simply set your intention on receiving it and welcoming it in your life. The intention is a powerful thing; it allows us to open ourselves to life gifts, it enables us to feel our own power in setting our goals, and it creates a conviction within us that all is attainable.

4. Create an action plan
Now that you know where you’re going and know that you can get there, let the right action plan unfold in front of you. I say “unfold” because once your intentions are clear, the right paths will emerge, the Universe will supply the appropriate teachers, omens, ideas, resources. Watch out for them and chose the ones your intuition tells you to follow. Don’t just stick to the old and proven, get yourself out of your comfort zone, try new options. Make a list of all the things you have to do in order to get where you want to be and put a due date you feel comfortable with next to each item. Due dates do two things: They help us stay focused on the task at hand, and they create the energy around us that aligns everything to make it possible to do in time.

5. Upgrade your skills
Take an honest look at your action plan and ask yourself if you would benefit from upgrading your skills in any area that is necessary for your development. Upgrading your skills could be as simple as talking to someone experienced in the area, reading a book from an expert, taking a course. The more you know, the more confident you feel. The trick here is to balance it well and not get pulled into upgrading your knowledge to the point of perfection, and at the same time, abandoning your action steps.

6. Work through your obstacles
If there were no obstacles in the process, we all would be where we wanted to be right away. Obstacles are, more often than not, the ways we see and value ourselves. They stem from internal convictions of worthlessness, not deserving, not being good enough for true success. They show up in form of lack of integrity, procrastination, and perfectionism. Look closely at your own issues that might be slowing you down and be willing to find out where they come from and how to work through them. If you don’t, they will slow you down or even stop you.

7. Do the work
This is important. It’s not enough to imagine it, visualize it, and create a plan around it. You have to actually do whatever is necessary to bring about change. And, as obvious at this point is, a lot of people get stuck here. Often they abandon the project in the midst of it, jump to the next thing, and end up feeling not too great about themselves in the process. What usually stop them are their internal obstacles that have to be dealt with.

8. Maximize your environment
If you truly want to succeed in something, consider upgrading your environment to make it more conducive to your success. I’m talking about creating an environment in which becoming successful would be easy and expected. Food for thought: You are an average of five people you spend the most time with. If you are spending time with complainers, blamers, people with loads of bad energy, my advice is to stop. You will soak up their bad vibes, negative ways of looking at things, and it will be difficult to focus on success. So I suggest you make a list of people you spend your time with and see whom you want to be like and whom you don’t want to be like. Once you get rid of the negative influences in your life, you will automatically create room and open your door for people with positive energy.

These simple steps will do wonders in your life, I promise.   ###

Margaret Moczkowski a certified, professional business coach. She helps entrepreneurs evolve their business and reach their optimal level of success and prosperity quickly and painlessly. She coaches entrepreneurs on creating business vision and setting goals aligned with who they are and committing themselves to discipline and accountability to stay focused and purposeful in their actions. She consults them on designing business and marketing strategies guaranteed to reach their goals. She also helps them to wake up to their evolved business mindset and create their businesses more effortlessly and joyfully. Her holistic coaching approach produces results because it integrates her clients’ vision, mindset with purposeful strategies and actions. Margaret has coached many successful entrepreneurs and ushered them to their rightful place of success, prosperity and integrity with who they are. She delivers her coaching through teleseminars, group and individual coaching programs and workshops. To learn how she can help you in your business evolution, please visit her website:

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