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Issue 9,  June 15, 2009     —      Sharon Elaine, Affirmations

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"Sharon's affirmations will undoubtedly help anyone on their spiritual journey."  — Deepak Chopra

Good Fortune

Some believe in good luck, others in good fortune.  If you are one who wishes to focus on good fortune, this short selection is for you.

It's time for me to accept my good fortune
I'm very fortunate in all areas of my life
I'm free from guilt about my increased good fortune
I deserve to continue having good fortune
My good fortune is here to stay
I accept good fortune now
I'm ready for my good fortune
Today I find good fortune everywhere I go
My good fortune has a way of catching up to me
I continue to have good luck and good fortune
Good fortune shines on me today and every day
Today I allow my good fortune to materialize
Today I prove one can be positive and rich

The above affirmations are taken from Sharon Elaine's, The Book of Affirmations with which the reader can make a powerful, positive difference in their life with only a few minutes of positive self-talk a day. We do have power over our thoughts!
This books shows that the future is ours to create whatever life we want for ourselves. Change our mind and we change our reality!
In this book Sharon Elaine has created carefully worded affirmations for almost every possible need.

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