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Issue 11,  June 29, 2009     —      Vince Chiles, Crisis Resolution

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The world seems to be in Crisis we have economic, terrorist, and energy crisis. If you have gotten caught up with the media blitz of all that's going wrong in the world you may also be feeling as if your life is in turmoil as well. There is a Chinese proverb that says 'in each crisis there is great danger and opportunity.' I'd like to share with you an acronym for crisis that may help transform future perils into profits its — CR-ICES.

I, have worked with some of the most battered clients from drug addicts, to abused children, to hospice patients. Often they have been described as hopeless cases. I have always found a glimmer of hope and the possibility of catharsis in these people. Catharsis means the ability to achieve a renewed self after dealing with trauma. I have met many hospice patients who after hearing the news they were dying discovered a renewed passion for life. It's important to remember in our own moments of crisis that we can have a cathartic change that will renew our spirits.

As a therapist I have subscribed to the belief that people are resilient. Resiliency is the ability to bounce back from adversity. I'll never forget the Native American youngster that came to me for help arranging a traditional healing ceremony following the tragic death of a friend. This young man had struggled with school, drug use, and childhood neglect, despite all this he had a strong connection with his cultural traditions and was able to recognize what he needed to cope with his own grief. His story demonstrates the power of resiliency. We may not all glide through life, but if we remember our innate ability to be resilient we may find the strength to bounce back from some our most challenging of times.

It may take years for some of the most damaged individuals to recognize their own destructive behaviors, but only seconds to experience the catharsis that creates insight and a willingness to change. Insight is the ability to recognize the true nature of a situation. I used to prescribe the "I can't - I can experiment" to teach drug addicts how destructive their own negative thoughts were on their moods and personal energy. I describe this exercise in my book Happiness in Five Minutes a day. Once these addicts developed the insight on the damaging effects of negative thinking they were able to take the necessary actions they needed to change.

I have dealt with my own share of difficulties, growing up I had trouble in school, the law, and struggled with alcohol and drug abuse. Thankfully I sobered up in my early twenties. Throughout the early days of my recovery from drugs I realized that it was the tools I used consistently day in and day out that helped me maintain my abstinence from drugs. Each morning I would start my day with a reflection, use affirmations throughout, and end my days with gratitude. Consistency means being reliable or predictable. As I achieved longer and longer periods of abstinence, returned to college, and launched my career I was repeatedly amazed at the benefits of doing simple techniques consistently.

A classic insight I had early in my recovery was when I realized I needed to get in shape. I didn't know anything about exercise my idea of exercise was curling beer cans. As a result I decided to start by doing one minute of exercise three times a week. My rational was for exercise to work for me it had to be Effortless. I couldn't start out with the complex exercise routine I do now, I had to start out with the rudiments of getting fit, and build up. What I discovered from my one minute exercise goal was in little or no time I had developed a habit of exercising 30 minutes three times a week.

Over the years I have tried many self-enrichment activities, from meditation, goal planning, guided imagery, dream analysis, shamanism, and the list goes on, but I often found them to be time consuming. I'm a family man, work full-time & own a home. I rarely have had the time to dedicate more than a couple of minutes a day to extracurricular activities. Sure I've tried but always at the sacrifice of some other aspect of my life. What has worked for me has been using aspects of self-help activities in small increments at Strategic times throughout the day. Just like the early phase of my recovery, doing these activities strategically during the beginning, middle, and end of each day promoted my success.

Next time you are faced with a crisis think about the potential opportunity by remembering the acronym CR-ICES. Perils are likely to produce a Cathartic outcome. You are a Resilient person who can and will bounce back. All you have to do is to have Insight, and use self-enrichment tools Consistently. Strive to make these techniques Effortless, and use them at Strategic times throughout your day, and in no time at all you will discover a renewed spirit and vigor for life. By remembering to use CR-ICES you'll discover you'll have a simple solution towards some of your world's troubling problems.   ###

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Happiness in Five Minutes a Day

Vince Chiles, the author of Happiness in Five Minutes a Day was inspired to write this book because as a social worker he has seen how small behavioral changes can create big transformations in a person’s life. He believes that almost everyone has the skills and resources necessary to live a full and happy life. This book will explain the how and why these resources work to promote your happiness. It gives five easy to use exercises that will strengthen your natural happiness resources. If you want to be happy, but don’t want to spend a lot of time and money trying to discover how, then this book was written for you.


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