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Issue 12,  July 6, 2009     —      Sharon Elaine, Write Your Own Affirmations

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A Superb Motivator

Write Your Own Affirmations

Create your own affirmations! There is a never-ending supply of affirmation ideas, and mine may or may not coincide with your needs. The only rules to follow include: writing in a positive nature, writing in the present tense, and making them personal. Above all, have fun with them, and let your natural creative juices flow.

Affirmations work very well for me in a short period of time
I remember to say my affirmations at my appointed times
I catch negative thoughts and turn them into affirmations
My heart and feelings belong to me
I am worthy
I deserve total freedom and prosperity
I attract all good things unto me
I deserve to fulfill my life purpose
I am fit and healthy
I perform very well on 6-8 hours of sleep a night
I deserve to be free from guilt
I deserve to be free from shame
I deserve to be free from fear
I deserve to discover who I am and why I'm here
I am worthy of all that is good and joyous
I deserve the best of everything
I deserve all the good that comes to me and through me
Giggling is good for me, so I giggle often
I am capable of doing all that I choose in this life
I am important
I am fulfilling my life's work
It's okay to pamper myself
I have faith in myself
I have faith in my abilities
I am a calm and stable influence to those around me
I discover more of my abilities every day

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