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Issue 12,  July 6, 2009     —      Verusha Singh, If Pigs Did Fly

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We have all heard the saying, ‘I have to see it to believe it’ or ‘yeah, when pigs fly’ when you can’t believe something will eventuate. These sayings all boil down to the perspective that we are all insignificant pawns in the game of life being moved by an unseen hand. Some people believe we have no control over what life brings, as what we see around us is the way it is and there is no changing that. For some, changing your circumstances or your situation is similar to spinning a fairy tale with giants and dragons to slay, but slowly from the seeds of these fairytales glimmers of truth are being revealed. We are hearing and reading stories about people and situations almost everyday where the power of thought, emotions and intention play a huge role in how the chapters of our lives are written. There have been stories that have shattered old conventional ways of thinking and have brought to light terms such as manifestation, the law of attraction and vibration. Not too long in the future there may even come a day when we’ll be walking down the street, look up and say to ourselves, ‘Is that a flying pig?’

Some of us may still be grappling with the idea of manifesting and creating our own reality with the hopes of pinning it down so we can feel more comfortable, but for Dr Michael and K, Brisbane’s Psychic Phenomena this has been something they have unconsciously understood their whole lives. K, a talented psychic medium, channeler and healer has intuitively been using the techniques of manifestation to create her circumstances with full conviction that it will eventuate.

‘K is the most talented manifestor I know,’ says Dr. Michael who is also an intuitive healer, ‘or more precisely, she is the most talented conscious creator of the two of us. After all, for most of my life, I, like most everyone, have been an un-conscious creator of my experiences. But, the Universe that we live in doesn’t require that we have a thorough understanding of manifesting in order to create our experiences that we wish to create.’

Many of us can relate to this. How many times have we thought about something continuously only to have the situation or event occur? Sure, some of these things might not have been ideal situations, but if we look back we can note how dominant our focus was on that same outcome. This can be anything from stressing and imagining continually an event that you are organising going horribly wrong only to somehow have that ending become a reality. Or worrying incessantly about money or that all your relationships end after one year just to have these fears come true. But this is one side of the coin; we are also manifesting good situations as well. We can say that these things were bound to happen or label them as coincidences or in some cases luck, but if we break it down we can realise how much energy and time we have invested in these thoughts. And if your thoughts are creating your reality - the rest is self explanatory.

The light at the end of the tunnel is that we can go from unconscious creators to conscious creators. We can read the story of The Three Little Pigs and resign ourselves to piglet one and two’s fate as the Big Bad Wolfs dinner menu, or we can change the story in our own reality that piglet one and two banded together and now have a nice, warm wolf rug in front of their fireplace. The choice is ours.

Dr. Michael explains, ‘K’s manifesting method is this: She puts out her intention, has a belief about that it will come true, and “poof”… it comes true. I have witnessed it repeatedly since I have known her. And even though I have been successful myself, she does it better and easier than anyone that I know. In order to be an effective manifestor, K becomes the child who is very trustworthy with the Universe. She doesn’t believe she can’t have anything she wants, so her belief becomes her reality. That is the essence of manifesting.’

K has used manifesting techniques to create enough work to pay the bills, expand her clients to stretch across the world and to obtain things that she wanted for her life and home - and they came just as she knew they would.

Here are some of their Manifestation Techniques:

1.    You have to believe in all possibilities. There is no point in running a race if you believe you will be the last one to cross the line. If you think you can or you think you can’t, either one will be true.

2.    Find out what you wish to experience in your life. As with anything you wish to achieve you need to have a clear focus. Define what you want as clearly as you can. The clearer the glass the more you can see out the window.

3.    Imagine and create the scenario in your mind of your desired outcome, just like a story. Picture it with detail and feeling as if it is already occurring.

4.    Be grateful that you now have this in your life. Say thankyou is stating that you know the outcome will be achieved. There is a vast difference from asking for something to happen then to be grateful that it has occurred.

5.    Continue with the belief and realisation that what you asked for will occur despite what you may perceive with your physical eyes. If you start to slide, go back to your scenario of your desired outcome and continue to be grateful.

6.    Be receptive and aware of possibilities and doors opening. Opportunities will present themselves but we have to be aware and able to take action. There is no point in wishing for a hot date on Saturday night if you are still sitting on your couch in your pyjamas.

7.    Accept and appreciate every experience that is in your awareness. When you are in the process of manifesting it is important to keep the momentum of positive energy. We can choose to see the situations in front of us in a glass half full or a glass half empty perspective. Try to focus your thoughts on the good points in your situation and you will find you will start seeing more of that in your life.

There is one thing that we can be certain about, these new shifts of thinking have changed the way we look at the world and ourselves. While fear and doubt might prevent some of us from accepting the new waves of thought, there is no denying that that it gives us a sense of empowerment and control over our lives. If there are chapters in your life that you wish to rewrite then this gives you the power and understanding to do so. We have the choice to roll our eyes and say, ‘yeah and pigs might fly’ and that ‘we’ll have to see it to believe it’ without realising that the saying might actually be that ‘we have to believe it to see it.’ The doors are opening and it is up to us to walk through them. Maybe life is like a fairytale, and we can all choose to have a happy ending.   ###

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Verusha Singh
From the age of eight, Verusha Singh knew she wanted to be a writer. After graduating from Macquarie University with a Media in Writing degree she began to pursue her dream and landed a position in the Editorial and Publicity team of Hay House Australia. She is a regular contributor for numerous magazines that publish stories on self-help, personal growth and the intuitive sciences.

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