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Issue 14,  July 20, 2009     —      Hazel C. Palaché, The Power of Writing

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“Writing is the spontaneous overflow of feelings. When the pen touches the paper, it guides the dream and transforms pure emotion into
everlasting thought.”

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The Astonishing Power of You

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The Astonishing Power of You

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When we make a commitment on paper in our own handwriting it creates an ideo-motor response that goes directly from the hand to the brain. This makes it extremely powerful in increasing your ability to retain positive thinking.

The object of your life is to develop your skills and increase your ability to give as well as to receive. Writing is a way of increasing this possibility. When I first heard about this tool of using writing, I thought it was poppycock, just someone else’s quirky way of getting known. However, it was requested of me by a coach I was working with at the time and since I was committed to making changes within my own mind, I said I would, in British vernacular, “give it a go.”

I ultimately found this to be quite amazing. It allowed me to see what I had in my life, gave me a way to get rid of feelings without talking to someone, and opened my eyes to lots of wonderful possibilities.

I love to hear from clients how their writing is helping them create all the wonderful things they deserve in life.

One of the things I now enjoy is looking back at my old writings and seeing how far I have come. As I said, the mind is absolutely astonishing in its power to accept change if we take the action.

Success is about becoming who and what you want to be and about having balance in life. Writing is another tool to allow you to accelerate the results.


Many people speak affirmations and this is great. It’s even more powerful if you write them.

I say them and I write them, which is also what I have been teaching clients for years. When you write an affirmation, you are affirming to the Universe that this is something you would like to attract.

Write no more than 3 to 4 affirmations at any one time. Write the same ones for at least 21 days before creating anything new. The unconscious needs this time to accept them. Although it’s sometimes tempting to write more and more, it works less effectively.

If you write more than 4 affirmations at any one time, your unconscious mind will go into overload. You want your unconscious mind to be very alert and energized so it is possible to attract what you are writing about.

Your Success Journal

It’s very important to your subconscious mind to know it is continuously succeeding in diff erent ways. Log your daily successes. This will allow you to increase your self confi dence and also amp up your inner power.

I encourage you to write 3 to 5 things daily you consider to be successes.

This doesn’t just have to be on a professional level. For instance, one of my pet peeves is taking the time to unload the dishwasher, which of course if I want the luxury of using it, needs to be done. Because I take the action and unload it, this can become one of my successes if I choose.

Other successes might be that you answered all your emails within the first hour of the day and didn’t check again until the end of the day, or you made a great sale, signed a new client, did something nice for someone else. A success is whatever you think it is. Please don’t dismiss small things because every single action you take in a positive way is a success.

The Attitude Of Gratitude

One of the highest forms of attraction is to have an attitude of appreciation and gratitude.

We’re not born with gratitude. This state of mind is usually something we cultivate through the experiences we have in life.

Gratitude is an anchor in life. It keeps us grounded. Without knowing what it is to be truly grateful and to have humility for all we have, it’s very difficult to have a life of attraction.

For many years, I had no idea what true gratitude was all about. I definitely didn’t know what it was to have humility. I took everything in life for granted. Until 20 years ago.

Learning The Hard Way

When the life of your child is at stake, you very quickly learn to be thankful for what you have in life. It’s a challenging way to learn but very powerful and very fast.

You can choose to learn from every experience, be grateful and move forward, or you can stand still.

I sometimes hear people being envious of what other people have or what other people are doing. “I’d rather be doing that instead of what I’m doing.” “I’d rather have that instead of what I have.”

Th ese kinds of feelings come from an insecure place in your unconscious and are such a waste. Th ey deplete energy and don’t allow room for growth or attracting to us what we do want.

Look at the wonderful, simple things in life for which to be grateful. Indoor plumbing and hot, running water. Electricity, TV and telephones. Good food and clean clothing. People in poor countries don’t have these luxuries.

We have the ability to work, to laugh, to love and to play. There’s so much good in life that people just take as givens.

Experiences Are Blessings

Everything that happens to you in life is, in some way, a blessing provided so you may learn a lesson. Don’t let the lessons go to waste, especially when they are extremely challenging. Th is is when you have the opportunity to learn the most.

I’m now very grateful for every experience I’ve had in my life, negative as well as positive. All these experiences allowed me to become who I am today.

Use your gratitude journal. Write a list of all the good things in your life, big and small. If you can, read the list at the beginning of each day, it will jump-start your positive thinking.

Make a choice to be grateful. When you live life with constant gratitude, it becomes a joy to live.

I write 2 to 3 things each day I am very grateful for. It can be the same thing each day. It might be I’m so grateful for a beautiful, blue sky. I’m very grateful I have six wonderful, healthy grandchildren. Write whatever it is you feel grateful to have.

You don’t have to use separate journals, you can buy one of those large notebooks college kids use with the sections for diff erent classes and you can use one section for each. Affirmations, Successes, Gratitudes.

The Universe is about energy. Life is about choice. When you put thoughts down on paper, you are sending your deepest desires into the Universe.

The Worry Wall

I read about this concept somewhere and tweaked it to be used as a daily tool. A daily worry wall.

Each day take a piece of paper about letter size and every time you find yourself worrying about something, having a doubt or getting anxious, jot down on that piece of paper what it is. (Just a couple of words.) As you write down each thing, allow yourself to feel it being released. Imagine it floating off into the Universe to be dispensed with. Don’t focus on it. Once written, it’s done.

At the end of each day, take the paper, either run it through your shredder, tear it into tiny pieces and flush it or burn it. This will help you release any negative thoughts that creep in from time to time. It really works.   ###

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