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Issue 14,  July 20, 2009     —      Sharon Elaine, Affirmations for Career Challenges

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Once upon a time... I started paying attention to my thoughts.  I found I was processing a lot of negative self-talk.   At first this realization was distressing, as I felt powerless over the information that was permeating my mind and my life.

I didn't write a book on affirmations because I always think positive thoughts, I wrote a book on affirmations because I've lived much of my life thinking negative thoughts!

I began to take a few of those negative thoughts, just a few at first, and turn them around. I wasn't very confident when I began this experiment, so I only allowed myself to alter a few a day.  What I found was that when I successfully altered my negative thought patterns into positive ones, I began feeling stronger, happier, and more in control of my life.

Career Challenges

“If I could just punch that stupid boss of mine in the kisser I’d feel so much better…”  Who hasn’t thought that one at one time or another?  But of course thoughts like that just make US feel awful.  Focus a bit more consciously, and lovingly, and you may find that old cranky boss turning into a big, nice softy.

Our careers are important to us.  They can cause us to feel joy or to feel stress.  Focusing on what we WANT in our careers (instead of what we don’t want), is a powerful way to make our careers into what we choose.

I receive praise from co-workers and friends
My boss and I speak the same language
I always explain my views clearly and calmly
I trust my boss and my boss trusts me
I’m the boss over my attitude
My supervisor is perfect for me
My boss now knows I can handle more responsibilities
Seeing me through my boss’ eyes is helpful to me today
It’s okay to think of my co-workers as an extended family
I treat my boss with respect today, no matter what
I’m the kind of boss I always wanted to have
I ask God’s help before making any decision
Criticism is of the past; I choose to uplift my workers
I choose to astonish my co-workers by staying happy
Every day I become more confident at what I do
I deserve to be successful doing work I love
It’s okay to get paid for doing what I love
My work is completed in a timely, organized fashion
The quality of my work reflects who I am
My work gives me more energy
I’m the one all of my colleagues trust
I’m very organized
My original thinking helps me in my chosen career
My love for my work shows
It’s okay to be great at what I do for a living
I make a very good living
I absolutely adore my work
I’m on the rise to the top
Every project I touch today works out well
It’s okay to have a job when others don’t
Changing careers is risk-free for me
My skills are in demand
My career is going one way – to the top
I’m thrilled I’ve found the perfect career that I love
My career is an important part of who I am
I return home safely from all business trips
I’m now able to concentrate on getting my work done
It’s okay to choose the type of career I want
I choose the hours and working environment I want
It’s okay to enjoy being a housewife
It’s okay to enjoy being a househusband
I enjoy my work and it shows
I’m a powerhouse in my field
I’m thrilled by the amount of work I get done today
I show myself and others my creativity and intellect
My positive feelings toward work are catching
It’s fun to go to work
It’s exciting to do a job well, and I excel today
I have energy to perform all aspects of my job
My job is an important aspect of my life’s journey
I function well at all job duties
I calmly complete projects at work today
The time spent at my job is filled with joy

The affirmations are taken from Sharon Elaine's, The Book of Affirmations with which the reader can make a powerful, positive difference in their life with only a few minutes of positive self-talk a day. We do have power over our thoughts!
This books shows that the future is ours to create whatever life we want for ourselves. Change our mind and we change our reality!
In this book Sharon Elaine has created carefully worded affirmations for almost every possible need.

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