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Issue 15,  July 27, 2009     —      Jack Armstrong, Illusions of the Physical World

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Physical and Spiritual
The physical and spiritual are one. They are not distinct entities, even though at times the physical aspect of your reality seems to be the entire reality.
This is the challenge of this adventure: you must exist on the physical level until your time is up, yet living exclusively on the physical level misses the point.

You are a spiritual being. You must remember and realize and accept that this is true, and then enjoy your adventure on the physical plane from the perspective of the spiritual, which is the true source of all of your good. Do not allow yourself to be deceived by the illusions.

The Truth of Your Being
Enjoy this adventure in the physical world. It is a gift to enjoy ― not a struggle to endure.

If you can center your consciousness in the truth of your being ― in your true reality/identity ― you can then see your earth life for what it is. It is an enjoyable diversion, a lesson in truth, a challenge for future growth.

See it as such in the context of your true identity and it will be much easier for you to reject the temptation to latch onto the illusions of the world and give them power over you.

The Ultimate Magic Show
Your view of a magician’s tricks is an appropriate analogy. If you compare your existence in the physical world and your understanding of it in your conscious mind to your true identity in the universe and your new acceptance and understanding of it, then think of a magician’s stage performance as your earth life as seen from your elevated consciousness.

Persons who are grounded only in human consciousness see a magician perform and are very impressed by what seems to be the astonishing reality of what he is doing. Yet, they know and understand all during the performance that they are witnessing illusions ― that, even though what they are seeing seems absolutely real, they are close to allowing the magician to convince them that his illusions are reality.

Yet, through it all, there is an overriding understanding that these are simply illusions, and the audience has fun enjoying them. Being there and experiencing them is a diversion. They laugh and applaud and shake their heads in wonder and gladly pay money to enjoy the spectacle.

This is an appropriate way to view your time on earth. You are attending a fantastic magic show ― a demonstration of illusions that seem so real you can’t explain them ― yet you know and understand and fully accept that they are illusions, and you enjoy them and then return to your true “reality.”

I hope this will be a helpful perspective. As you shake off the illusions of the world, smile to yourself that they have seemed so real that you have allowed yourself almost to believe them, and then return comfortably to your true identity as a child of God.   ###

Excerpt from Chapter Two,
Lessons from the Source: A Spiritual Guidebook for Navigating Life’s Journey

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Thirty Years of Spiritual Writings Hidden Away

Jack Armstrong
does not consider himself to be the “author” of the writings he shares in Lessons from the Source: A Spiritual Guidebook for Navigating Life’s Journey.
During the late 1970s, he began writing down a series of spiritual teachings that he knew were coming from somewhere other than his own conscious mind. He was in awe of the phenomenon, but had no idea why or how it was happening.
Although the lessons he transcribed appeared to be intended to help him meet challenges in his own life, he now admits to having ignored them and filed them away without ever showing them to anyone, because of a concern about what others might think.
Fortunately, he did not abandon the process and has continued this form of communication for more than three decades.

Lessons for Life’s Journey

Lessons from the Source: A Spiritual Guidebook for Navigating Life’s Journey is a compilation of spiritual writings, in the form of lessons about life and spirituality, that are presented in concise, user-friendly language, and that offer a helpful new perspective on issues we struggle with regularly — the nature of life’s journey, the challenges we face, ways to overcome those challenges, and opportunities to make the journey more enjoyable.

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