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Issue 15,  July 27, 2009     —      Sharon Elaine, Affirmations for Spiritual Matters

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Spiritual Matters

You will find many variations of spiritual talk in this section.  Sometimes I use the word “God”, other times “Holy Spirit”, other times “Great Spirit” and still other times “Universe”.  Choose whatever feels correct to you within your belief system.

I choose to hear what God wants me to hear today
I empty my hands to allow for God's next move
I accept the life roles God has given me
My power is in my willingness to release control to God
The healing light of God surrounds me
My heart is overflowing with thankfulness to God
God is at work in my life today
I thank God for the sunshine today
I thank God for the rain today
I give all worry thoughts over to God
I am calmly enjoying God's presence
I accept the gifts God extends unto me
Whenever I need help, God provides assistance
God works through me and my happiness
God wants me to be happy at all times
I love God and God loves me
God wants me to succeed and prosper
God carries me over every hurdle
I deserve to know God's plan for me
I have great fun performing miracles with God
I allow my Creator to lead me
I stand aside and let Divine Intervention lead me
Time spent in prayer is time well spent
Holy Spirit, I accept your influence in my life
Receiving guidance from my Creator is natural
I love the life God has given me
Total cooperation is what I give God today
I pray that I hold my temper at bay today
Today I choose to speak with reverence to my Creator
Today I choose to speak with joy to my Creator
My chosen religion brings me great comfort
God gets us through all dark days
We all have eternal life
Since ultimately my boss is God, I've got a great boss
Holy Spirit, I accept all the good you offer me now
God, please show me what to learn in this situation
I stay positive around those who are not
Since I am part of God and God is love, I am love
No matter what, I remain an innocent child of God
I allow my beliefs, and I allow the beliefs of others
I'm free from having to believe as someone else does
I am free to believe what I choose
I remain calm and centered when expressing my beliefs
My beliefs are as true for me as yours are for you
I pray for clarity of mind to understand God's messages
I thank God for every idea that becomes manifest
I ask God for help with my anger and disappointment
God wills the very best for me
Tough choices become easier with God's guidance
God's energy heals all things
It's normal and natural to believe in miracles
I've decided to forgive and forget any past indiscretions
All my prayers are answered today
I'm patient with the speed of my spiritual growth
I have complete religious freedom
I now accept God's influence in my life
I offer my stillness to God today
I am your willing vessel, God, fill me up and use me
I have enough energy to do all that I choose in this life
I am grateful for God’s help in completing my mission
I am confident and God loves it
I deserve the blessings I receive
I thank you God for the spiritual high you've given me
I choose to see what God has given me
I choose to see more of God's beauty without fear
I have faith that prayers are heard and answered
My abilities are strengthened because of my faith
My quiet time with God is sustaining me
I am accepting God's changes in my life
God’s guidance in my life is crucial to me

Napoleon Hill
What the mind can conceive, believe and achieve

The affirmations on this page are taken from Sharon Elaine's, The Book of Affirmations with which the reader can make a powerful, positive difference in their life with only a few minutes of positive self-talk a day. We do have power over our thoughts!
This books shows that the future is ours to create whatever life we want for ourselves. Change our mind and we change our reality!
In this book Sharon Elaine has created carefully worded affirmations for almost every possible need.

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