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Issue 16,  August 3, 2009     —      Warren Wojnowski, Essential Law of Attraction Lessons from Wallace Wattles

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Essential Law of Attraction Lessons From Wallace Wattles
 by Warren Wojnowski
In his book The Science of Getting Rich, Wallace Wattles lays out the formula by which any of us can put the "science" of law of attraction to work for ourselves and become rich and prosperous. And even though his book was written nearly a century ago, Wattles' formula for attracting wealth and prosperity is the same as that of pretty much every prominent modern self help teacher or guru on the planet.

How would you like to use the science of law of attraction to make a quantum leap forward in your life?

You keep hearing about how the economy sucks and that we're in a recession -- maybe even a depression. Everything is getting more expensive, your retirement fund has shrunk, and your pay has been cut . What can you possibly do to begin to turn things around?

Can learning how to deliberately use law of attraction really help you? The answer, of course, is "yes". But by universal law, you get what you focus on.

So often, a large part of why we feel stuck or trapped in our life is because we're focused on either our past or present circumstances rather than on what we want. And because we're locked into focusing on our past decisions and outcomes, the tendency is to believe they are an accurate predictor of our future.

The trick to changing your results is to take responsibility for leading yourself to where you want to go rather than where you've been or where you are. You accomplish that by focusing on where you are going and what you do want instead of where you've been (or where you are) and what you don't want. This is foundational to understanding universal law and law of attraction.

In The Science of Getting Rich, Wattles teaches that you place the full attention and focus of your mind on the vision you desire for yourself, on crafting and layering specifics upon that vision, and by maintaining your full faith, belief and trust in that purpose. By doing that with gratitude in your heart, you will begin to have thoughts and take actions that are inspired, and which thereby begin to attract your vision.

By becoming more clear about what you want and where you're going, you start to enable yourself to make new decisions and as a result begin to break the patterns that you've lived up to now. And as you build this new discipline of thought, you get better at paying little attention to your past or to your present circumstances -- which frees up even more of your thought energy to focus on what you want and where you're going instead.

Pretty soon, you will find yourself becoming a more and more proficient master at attracting abundance and propserity into your life.

Remember to let where you are going serve as your guide to the decisions you make -- and always evaluate your decision based on whether or not they will move you closer to your goals. Your results will immediately begin to improve.

If you are feeling trapped or stuck, odds are it's because you are primarily looking at what was or what is. As Wallace Wattles points out in his book, The Science of Getting Rich, until you look at where you intend to go, nothing can change. So learn to drop the drama and storyline of your past. Release it and move forward.

By clearly focusing one step at a time on where you are going, and on one step forward you can take today -- right now -- to move you closer to that place, you in fact really will begin to move closer to that place. Then repeat the process over and over, day by day. By doing that you will suddenly find yourself harnessing the power of law of attraction, just as Wallace Wattles says you will.     ###

Author's Bio
Want to learn more about how to use the law of attraction to get the happiness and prosperity you want?  Warren Wojnowski is co-founder of the Inspired Abundance website. He is a dedicated student and teacher of law of attraction and how to systematically apply the teachings of Wallace Wattles and The Science of Getting Rich. Subscribe to his daily newsletter and you'll also get the highly acclaimed 7 Steps to Happiness eCourse for free:

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The Inspired Science of Getting Rich Program  does far more than simply complement Wattles' works.  It sets the teachings of Wallace Wattles out in such a way that if you follow the process, you are destined to take yourself to a whole new level of awareness, personal accomplishment, and wealth creation.

Day by day our belief system continues to shape our thoughts, habits, actions and ultimately, our whole life. These are buried deep in the subconscious mind, and we are not aware of them most of the time.

Words don’t fit and can’t be applied to our beliefs because they are masked by our actions. However, the subconscious mind is a powerful force.  Why?

Our subconscious operates with the input of beliefs that are installed there.  So, what is placed inside our subconscious dictates how the mind works. We know that our actions are the products of our thoughts. Where the mind goes, the person follows. We are essentially slaves to the dictates of our minds.

But with the Inspired Science of Getting Rich Program you can train your subconscious mind to think according to the way you want.  You are the master of your mind, so you can therefore bend it, twist it, and direct it.

Build a rock solid prosperity mindset with an unshakable clarity of direction and purpose that always keeps you on track with your vision.

Think, feel and act in harmony with the natural laws of the Universe so that you deliberately put the Law of Attraction to work in your life and start attracting more of what you want.

Develop a level of trust, belief and faith in yourself so that you know you can follow your intuition on the pathway to riches.

Build new daily habits that serve to strengthen your resolve and ability to always think and act in the Certain Way.

Become a master of the "science" behind the Science of Getting Rich and be an shining example and inspiration for others.

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