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Issue 19,  August 24, 2009     —      Nancy Daly, Finding Joy Amidst the Chaos

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Laying the Foundation for Your Unique Blueprint

Step 1:  What I Really Like to Do

What do you really like to do that makes you feel abundant with happiness and spontaneous smiles? What do you imagine would bring giddy joy, even if you have not yet experienced it? It’s time to say it and write it down!

This is one of your most important steps, and may be the easiest. Open the gates to anything, from the smallest to the largest experience. Here is guidance for completing Step 1:
  • Brainstorm responses and keep adding to the list until you naturally stop. Some responses may be things that you have not yet done, but feel they will bring you great joy, include them. Leave your responses in the order you originally create them. Include the date that you create your list.
  • Consider where you are, if you are alone or with others, what you are doing or seeing when you are experiencing joy now or imagined. Come back to your responses later to add more specifics for even greater clarity. Maybe you were too narrow and need to broaden? Maybe you were too vague and need to give examples?

Example:  What I Really Like to Do

Art (too vague)

Assist an artist in creating a mural, indoors or outdoors (too narrow, especially since I’ve never done this)

Create colorful art such as decorating found objects and assisting others with large art projects (just right for me; broad enough to include a wide scope, yet specific enough to give me guidance.)

Take your time, have fun, reach far with your imagination. Believe that anything is possible! This is YOUR life experience and it’s intended to be joyful.

The first time I created my list, there were 15 items. Later, I added and separated, resulting in 19 items. Your number of items is perfect. Here are examples from my list, in the order they were created, to give you an idea of how broad in scope and variety you can reach. (I bet you can do even better!)

Step 1 Example:  What I Really Like to Do
  • Create colorful art, such as: decorating found objects to give them a new life, and assisting others in large projects
  • Write my new book and speak/interview, sell copies
  • BE OUTDOORS! In fresh air, with lush plants and/ or water nearby
  • Play with puppies and sweet pets
  • Meditate and journal, yoga practice
  • Continue to learn new things about life, nature, transformation
  • Listen to music that is beautiful and calming and rhythmic, especially with flute, drums, nature
  • Be with my son and see that he is happy, playful, peaceful and wise in his choices.
Your turn. Have fun with it. Dream BIG! Start your list for Step 1. What really and truly brings you joy, real or anticipated?

Understanding Your Personal “Why?”

Step 2:  What Makes Me Really Enjoy This?
Now it’s time to look at the first layer under the obvious. This step combines feeling, observing and thinking. The purpose of Step 2 leads to providing constant resources to you for experiencing continued, sustainable joyfulness no matter what circumstances you find yourself in. How committed are you to surround yourself with self-imposed acts of joyfulness even at the most challenging times?

Thoughtfully working through the next several steps will help you reveal your commitment. I wish I could say this is a breeze. It may be for some. There may be other ways you are able to get here. However you choose, I can assure you that whatever process you use for this self-exploration is a gift to yourself to quiet the chatter, and help identify that which brings you lasting joy; joy even amidst chaos. Let’s get started with Step 2:
  • For each response in Step 1, ask: How do I feel about this element of Joy when I visualize experiencing it? Am I excited? Smiling? Peaceful? Introspective? Can’t wait to be doing it? What is it that appeals to me? After you identify everything you enjoy about that response, move to the next response without reading what you just wrote.
  • Put this away for a few days, then come back to review or expand by expressing more feelings of joyfulness for each response. Ask: “What makes me feel joyful when doing this activity or having this experience?” Dig a little deeper inside yourself if you can.

Step 2 Example: What I Really Like About This

Create colorful art, such as: decorating found objects to give them a new life, and assisting others in large projects
What I Really Like About This: Painting, color, creativity, working with my hands, working alone or jointly, adding beauty & creativity

Write my new book and speak/interview, sell copies
What I Really Like About This: Expressiveness, sharing, teaching, helping, interacting with others, abundance and sustenance in internal fulfillment and financial contribution to responsibilities

BE OUTDOORS! In fresh air, with lush plants and/ or water nearby.
What I Really Like About This: Breathing fresh oxygen, feeling the elements of nature (sun’s warmth, breeze, humidity), freedom, unconfined, calms my mind, healthy, exercise, feeling abundance that everything is going to be okay. My favorite place = At the beach.

Now it’s your turn. Take your time. Dig deeper. What is so joyful to you about each of your responses?

The above is a direct excerpt from Nancy R. Daly's book Finding Joy Amidst the Chaos

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About the author: Nancy R. Daly is an internationally published author, speaker and facilitator. She is based in Florida, USA.

Also by Nancy R. Daly

A Left-Brain Thinker On a Right-Brain Journey

By following our passions we can find balance between intuition and organized design with a deeper meaning in our lives.

Nancy Daly, an award-winning executive business strategist combines analytical intelligence with creative intuition to originate new formulas for personal life transformations and perceptive planning. Daly's candid case study is skillful and humorous, and offers unique expertise for breakthrough change and passion-filled results.

Nancy Daly’s book offers unique formulas for attaining transformational, life-changing goals. This MBA and former CFO applied business-planning tools to herself as an experiment to explore her inner purpose and passions. The result was much bigger than she ever bargained for. Not only does Daly share her candid case study with humor and skill; she offers unique perspectives, questions, tools and examples of breakthrough change and passion-filled results.

Daly’s unusual journey will take you through initial preparations and reactions to major change, with processes for identifying deep motivators and desires. She will capture your attention with metaphors and teachings from Indian culture, and honest and revealing personal thoughts and fears. Nancy redefines analytical tools as personal decision support systems, and discovers the hidden power of intuition and inner guidance. At every step in this intriguing story, she pauses for you to apply her steps to your own personal situation and journey. What do others say about such an unusual synthesis of skill and honesty?

“Nancy Daly’s journey of personal transformation should resonate with anyone who has ever wondered what it takes to seek out and manifest their higher purpose in life. Thank you, Nancy, for sharing with us your analytical tools, valuable insights, and profound passion to make a difference!”
—Burt Woolf, President, Center for Quality of Life.

"As all of us reach inevitable thresholds, Nancy Daly, through her story, takes us by the hand to recognize them. With that awareness, she demonstrates that by following our passions we can find a comfortable balance between intuition and organized design to a deeper meaning in our lives."
—Robert W. Elliott, Executive Director of the New York Planning Federation and Past President of the New York Conference of Mayors.

“Nancy’s sharing of her transformative journey gives us the courage and skills to persevere with our own path toward greater fulfillment and purpose.”
—Dr. Marilyn Balcombe, Ph.D., Organizational Psychology.

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