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Issue 20,  August 31, 2009     —     Sharon Elaine, Affirmations for Healing the Planet

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Affirmations for Healing the Planet

How we focus on our world helps to create it.  It may seem an overwhelming and awesome job, but it’s truly an awesome opportunity to contribute something good.  Use this section to focus on healing your environment and planet and feel the love coming back to you.

We are all on the same side, which I remember now
There is enough food for everyone to eat
There is space on the planet for everyone to live richly
Today I show the world the light in me
I'm proud to be part of a community of loving souls
I pray for fewer and fewer global accidents today
I pray for less and less global anger today
I enjoy being a part of my world
I have faith in the future of the world
I'm dedicated to the cause of world peace
I pray for increased good-will between countries
I have faith in the goodness of mankind
I choose to notice the good in people today
I choose to see a kind and loving world around me
I consciously give love and positive energy to the world
I choose to see my brothers and sisters as equal
My world is a place of beauty
I help humanity one heart at a time
I'm committed to making the world a better place
I extend my essence of love and joy to the planet
I join with my sisters and brothers to save the world
My part in saving the world is an important one
There is much good in the world and I accept it
My honest opinion is useful to the planet
How I perceive the world is up to me
I love taking care of my environment
I have faith in the goodness of others
I remember to recycle
Recycling has become an easy habit for me
I care about the future of the planet
My contributions to the planet are vital for its success
My environment and I get along very well
Cleaning up the planet is part of my job on Earth
I join the world in a prayer to repair the ozone layer
I remember to send energy and peace to others today
This is the year we overcome the homeless challenge
Today I send energy, hope and love to the homeless
When I hear a siren, I pray for everyone involved
The sun, moon, stars and planets are my friends
My world has an abundance of love, trust and compassion
I love all my fellow humans
I am on the side for peace
Since I know hate breeds hate, I send love to prisoners
I join the world in saying a prayer for true world peace
I join the world in saying a prayer for world prosperity
Being a part of the solution is fun and exciting for me

Programming Yourself for Success, Anthony Galie

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