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Issue 21,  September 7, 2009     —      Dr John F. Demartini, Read and Write Your Goals

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Read and Write Your Goals
by Dr. John F. Demartini

Each of us, way deep inside, has goals involving the seven areas of life. Some of these may be long-term or even lifetime ones, and other dreams or desires are simply for more immediate gratification.

Just as you experience great bursts of quick kinetic energy when you’re striving to accomplish short-term objectives, there’s also enormous potential power in having long-term and lifetime goals. Both types are valuable and serve each other. In order to be successful in achieving a short- or long-term desire or goal, you must place your focus on the end result and apply discipline on either a moment-to-moment, day-to-day, month-to-month, or year-to-year level.

For example, if a farmer is to plow a straight furrow, he must keep his eye on a distant point or on the horizon. If his focus is directed just a few feet ahead of his tractor, his plowing will waver. Even though the wheels of his tractor move over short turns and distances, in order for his field to be plowed straight, he must know and focus on his long-term vision and aim.

Focusing on a long-term goal or desire can provide the enthusiasm and energy to get things done in the present. For instance, when a runner sets a goal to run a mile, she’ll probably be tired when she reaches the one-mile mark. But if this same runner sets a goal to run ten miles, she probably won’t even be sweating upon passing this same one-mile mark. If this very same, determined runner were to set a goal to run 26 miles and keep her mind on the completion of this marathon, not only wouldn’t she be sweating, but most likely she wouldn’t even be winded as she whisked by the one-mile mark.

Long-term goals, however, can’t be accomplished without first succeeding in intermediate short-term goals. We may have a goal to climb a ladder, but we have to put our foot on each rung to reach the top.

1. Each morning before you rise from your bed, meditate on your innermost dreams or goals.

2. Ask for guidance from the highest and most inspired part of yourself.

3. Keep a notepad next to your bed and write down whatever goals become revealed. If no specific lifetime goal is revealed but short-term ones are, that’s great! At least you’ve made a step on your ladder—and like the game of Concentration, the short-term goals will eventually reveal a solution to the puzzle.

4. Write and read these goals daily.

My goals are clear. They are written from my heart. I can see my light upon the horizon.

Now write your own affirmation in your journal or on a piece of paper.

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