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Issue 21,  September 7, 2009     —      Lorraine Roe, Your Innate Abilities

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Your Innate Abilities
by Lorraine Roe, from The Psychic Housewives’ Handbook

Some psychics out there try to tell you that they have special abilities that no else has and make money doing readings, appearing on television shows, and writing books telling you how special they are. They really infuriate me. I’m tired of the message they and their handlers propagate, that is, that there’s an exclusive club of psychics, and you can’t get into it. Many of these people promote the idea that they’ve had the gift since childhood, and that they are unique. Their appointments are booked five years out and their readings cost as much as a monthly car payment. Your internal psychic is more available and there’s no charge to access her. Of course, there are many professional psychics who give great information and offer authentic lessons to others about accessing their own guides. I’m just grousing about the ones who insinuate that being psychic is an exclusive club.

All of us have had the “gift” our entire lives. It’s all about the degree to which you and your family environment either encouraged it to flourish or squashed it. It’s also about divine timing. Safety first, and a child knows when it doesn’t feel safe to see ghosts, angels, or bright aura colors. I invite you to close your eyes and relax and remember a few childhood memories in which spirit and intuitions were alive and well in your life.

I remember when I was about ten, I looked in the mirror at myself and heard the words “I love you.” I knew it was from an energy that was a caretaker. Over time and after a lot of childhood trauma, I no longer believed in that voice or remembered its presence. Years later in my twenties, I did a guided meditation in a spiritual class during which I met a female guide in a garden. She handed me a beautiful box and when I opened it, inside was a heart with the words “I love you.” Around my forty-first birthday, my friend Helen Michaels made me a beautiful box. The outside was decorated with angel figurines and paintings from nature. On the top was a baby held by angels. She told me I was that baby, cared for by great beings. When I opened the box, inside was a heart with the inscription Je t’aime (“I love you,” in French).

At the time, my psychic abilities were already coming to fruition. But with that box came the memory of being loved and watched over by a spirit guide when I was a child. It brought many, many tears as I remembered that love and how I’d chosen to push it away. I remembered as a child being incredibly sensitive to other people’s pain and sorrow. But in my household, the language of feelings was not always spoken. If I cried during an episode of Lassie,my grandparents (who helped raise me in the early years) told me to stop the tears or the show would be turned off. Feelings are the language of the soul and little people are linguistic experts. But as you are taught to control, manage, and suppress your feelings, the spark of intuition and self-trust is extinguished. Left to their own intuition, children do not hesitate to tell you when a place feels spooky and when they do or do not like a person’s energy. They get strong feelings that a toy or an adventure is coming into their lives. These are all the seeds of psychic abilities.

As adults, we run instances such as the previous through our intellect and suppress our intuition before it catches its breath. Being willing to “be” is the first step in this journey and continues to be an essential aspect of the psychic pathway. We are revealing certain psychic abilities that have always been with us. We’re learning to treat them as small vulnerable children. We pick them up, hug them, and tell them it is safe to come out to play. When we allow our psychic abilities to flourish and quit trying to deny them or cover them up, that’s when the miracles happen. Taking a position that you are allowing spirit to be revealed is a powerful position. It’s far more magical and efficient to not be heavily ego-involved, but to be heavenly evolved. Simply put, you become a master of letting go and letting God. You allow your true psychic self to emerge.

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The Psychic Housewives' Handbook
How to Keep Your Feet on the Ground and Your Head in the Stars
by Lorraine Roe

Lorraine Roe is a former investigative television reporter and winner of four Emmy Awards. She is married and a mom to three kids, aged four to twelve, and has been a psychic since 2002. She lives in the Los Angeles area.

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