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Issues of No Limits:

Issue number 52, Meditation
(Zip File size 1.4 MB)
Madisyn Taylor, Transforming Negative into Positive
Guy Finley
, The Gift of Meditation
Beca Lewis
, What Is Prayer Really?
Chuck Gallozzi
, Silence and Meditation
Jeanie Marshall
, Guided Meditation for Empowered Consciousness
Roy Klienwachter
, Meditation
Steve Wickham
, Waking With Hope Every Day
Carol E. McMahon
, Meditation Meets Western Efficiency
, Transcendental Meditation (TM)
Kozen Huseyin
, Why Meditation At Home?
, Meditation: The Guide To Self Enlightenment
PLUS, bonus audio MP3
, The Gift of Meditation by Guy Finley
PLUS, bonus ebook
, Meditation Made Easy by Bryan Hood

Issue number 51, open issue
(Zip File size 1.7 MB)
Marelisa Fábrega, “No” Your Way to Increased Productivity
Guy Finley, The Power to Put the Past Behind You
Thomas Murrell, The Top 10 Secrets From Anthony Robbins
Beca Lewis, Is It Possible “This” Is All A Game?
Steve Wickham, Acute Grief — Dealing With the Impossible
Davis Goss, When That Time Comes…
Talha Tashfeen, You haven’t failed until you have stopped trying
Steve Moore, How Leaders Solve Problems
Joyce Shafer, Do You Possess Your Life or Do You Endure It?
Roy Klienwachter, Unconditional Love
Sally Tippett Rains, Your Life: From A Mess To A Masterpiece
Chuck Gallozzi, advice: Should We Offer It? If so, When and How?
L. W. Rogers, Self-Development and the Way to Power
PLUS bonus ebook, Acres of Diamonds by Russell H. Conwell

Issue number 50, Visualization and Imagery
(Zip File size 1.2 MB)
Steve Pavlina, How to Visualize Your New Reality
Beca Lewis, "Wait For It Faith"       
Guy Finley, Questions on Visualization
Linda Sapadin, Creative Visualization for Perfectionists and Dreamers
Steve Wickham, Asking Your Subconscious Mind Favors
Kathy Baker, Visualization and Vision Boards
Chuck Gallozzi, Create Your Own Sanctuary
Roy E. Klienwachter, Imagination This
Michael Lee, Powerful Visualization Secrets
Shelley Marie, Visualization To Manifest...
PLUS bonus ebook, Visualize and Attract by Patric Chan

Issue number 49, Environment Awareness
(Zip File size 1.7 MB)
Gwen Nyhus Stewart, Simplicity as a Life-style: 10 Practical Steps
Chuck Gallozzi, Why Should We Be Concerned about the Environment?
Beca Lewis, Out Of Sight – Not Out Of Mind
Roy Klienwachter, Greenhouse Kids
Guy Finley, How You Can Be the Light of the World
Roberto Bell, Being Green is now Fashionable and Profitable
David Oglaza, What’s Green Living All About?
Philip Cafaro, Rachel Carson's Environmental Ethics
PLUS bonus ebook: 101 Ways to Living Greener

Issue number 48, Abundance
(Zip File size 1.4 MB)
Guy Finley, Hidden Within You is a Gift Too Big to See
Gabriella Kortsch, Intentional Focus
Roy Klienwachter, Manifesting—how does it work?
Jeanie Marshall, Thoughts on Abundance for Personal Empowerment
Chuck Gallozzi, Dancing on a Bun (A Bun Dance)
Lori Hamann, Tap Into Abundance With The Law Of Detachment
Davis Goss, Abundant Being
Beca Lewis, Supply Before The Need
Steve Wickham, The Art of Maximising Space and Time
Mitzi Lynton, Claim Your Abundance
PLUS bonus ebook, Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill, 1937 text

Issue number 47, Spiritual Growth
(Zip File size 1.6 MB)
Paul Rademacher, In Conversation
Guy Finley, New Rules to Rise Above Whatever Is in Your Way
Beca Lewis, We Rise Above With Thanks
Beca Lewis, Perception Leaves
Nirmala, Living Life as a Question
Gabriella Kortsch, Love Yourself First
Steve Wickham, Conversations With a Six-Year-Old
Chuck Gallozzi, The Roles of Religion and Grace in Spiritual Growth
Michael Michalko, Dancing in the Rain
Roy Klienwachter, What Is Awareness In Spiritual Growth
Ton Pascal, What is Spirituality?
Daylle Deanna Schwartz, Using Emotions to Manifest
T. P. Carolat, The Spiritual Challenge of Modern Times
James Allen, The Way of Peace
PLUS bonus ebook, Nothing Personal, by Nirmala

Issue number 46, Mind-Body Healing
(Zip File size 1.7 MB)
Friedemann Schaub, The 9 Keys to Self-Healing
Friedemann Schaub, Using the mind-body-spirit connection to heal myself?
Connie Stapleton, God Help Me — Really: Your Spiritual Center
Guy Finley, Heal Your Life With Higher Self-Correction
Maggie Phillips, Seven Keys to Change
Tad James, The Mind-Body Connection — Health is a State of Mind
Gabriella Kortsch, Make the Mind-Body Connection Work
Roy Klienwachter, Healing: What Works And What Doesn’t Work
Beca Lewis, Don’t Open The Door
Chuck Gallozzi, Mind-Body Healing: Laughter Is the Best Medicine.
Daylle Deanna Schwartz, I’m Fine!
Bonnie Thompson, Healing Through Self-Awareness
James Allen, Man: King of Mind, Body and Circumstances
PLUS bonus ebook, Beyond No Self by Nirmala

Issue number 45, Success Principles
(Zip File size 2.0 MB)
Chuck Gallozzi, Goals Are the Stepping Stones on the Road to Success
Jack Canfield, Top Seven Success Tips
Joyce Shafer, Can Goals, Strategies, and Systems Prevent Your Success?
Nancy B. Irwin, Spiraling into Control
Steve Wickham, If at First You Don't Succeed …
Bill R. Path, Overcoming Common Misconceptions [About Success]
Guy Finley, The Secret of Success Without Stress
Gabriella Kortsch, Intentional Focus
Beca Lewis, Squirrel Commitment
Roy Klienwachter, The World Was Built on Success
Beba Papakyriakou, What’s a plan with no conviction?
Donna Gunter, 10 Success Strategies
Napoleon Hill, Desire, The Starting Point of All Achievement
Plus bonus ebook, Wallace Wattles, The Science of Getting Rich INCLUDING James Allen, The Path of Prosperity

Issue number 44, Gratitude
(Zip File size 1.3 MB)
Debbie Robins, Why the Hell Should I be Grateful…?
Chuck Gallozzi, Do You Take Life for Granted, or with Gratitude?
Daylle Deanna Schwartz, Recognizing Your Blessings
Guy Finley, A Life of Servitude or Gratitude: The Choice is Yours!
Guy Finley, Unlock the Secret of the Ages
T. Dorsey, Gratitude from the Inside-Out
Roy Klienwachter, Gratitude
Gabriella Kortsch, Gratitude, Choice, and the “Why Did This Happen to Me?” Syndrome
Steve Wickham, Becoming More Thankful by Engaging the Gratitude Muscle
Beca Lewis, Step Into The Good
Gratitude, Jim Donovan
PLUS bonus ebook, An Outlook on Gratitude

Issue number 43, Conscious Awareness
(Zip File size 1.4 MB)
Roy E. Klienwachter, Exposing Conscious Awareness
Guy Finley, 10 Ways Would-Be-Angels Earn Their Wings
Nancy Rosenfeld Daly, Illusions, Fear and Consciousness
His Holiness, The Dalai Lama, Consciousness
Davis Goss, Infinity: Your Only True Identity
Chuck Gallozzi, How Conscious or Aware Are You?
Nancy B. Irwin, Born to Win
Steve Wickham, What We Don't Know About Ourselves & How to Fix It
Gabriella Kortsch, Living in the NOW: Use it to Enrich Your Life
Beca Lewis, Lost And Found: Principle And Perception
Beba Papakyriakou, How You've Grown
Plus bonus ebook, Katherine Murray, Awareness: An Owner’s Manual

Issue number 42, Self-Esteem
(Zip File size 1.7 MB)
Michael Michalko, Are You the Subject or Object of Your Life?
Guy Finley, Make the Fear of Being "No One" Fade Away
Gabriella Kortsch, Self Esteem, the Ego, Achievements...
Gabriella Kortsch, ...Super Achievers Be Driven by Low Self-Esteem?
Chuck Gallozzi, Self-Esteem: What It Is, Why It's an Issue...
Beca Lewis, What And Where Is Self-Love?
Talha Tashfeen, Self-Esteem—Change the Way You See Yourself
Roy E. Klienwachter, Raising the Bar on Self-Esteem
Daylle Deanna Schwartz, Accepting Your Imperfect Self
Steve Wickham, Becoming the Greatest "You" There Ever Was
Donna Gunter, Pricing Strategies: How Much Do I Charge...
Liv Miyagawa, How to Raise Self Esteem in Others
Halille Azami, Know Your Self-Worth
Wider Screenings, Proving the Mettle of Selfhood
Plus bonus ebook, Tony Rizk, Boost Your Self-Esteem in 24 Hours

Issue number 41, Happiness
(Zip File size 1.8 MB)
Kozen Huseyin, Happiness Begins On The Inside
David Leonhardt, Real Virtuality
Steve Wickham, True Contentedness - The Real Source
Beca Lewis, Instructions For Blooming Your Life
Guy Finley, Happiness: A Question and Answer Forum
Roy Klienwachter, Choose Happiness First
Gabriella Kortsch, Do You Dance?
Kimberly Englot, Five Part Happiness Formula
Wider Screenings, Happiness: An Impossible Romantic Ideal?
Plus bonus ebook, Michael Anthony’s How To Be Happy

Issue number 40, Inner Peace
(Zip File size 1.5 MB)
Peace Pilgrim, Steps Towards Inner Peace
Sharon Elaine, Pounding a Path to Inner Peace
Guy Finley,  Learning to Connect to Inner Peace
Guy Finley, Unmask the Thieves of Peace
Beca Lewis, Love Is
Roy Klienwachter, The True Nature of Inner Peace
Gabriella Kortsch, Giving Birth to Yourself
Steve Wickham, Free To Be Me - The Art of Being Cosmically Alone
Remez Sasson, 20 Reasons Why You Need Inner Peace and Tranquility
Wider Screenings, Inner Peace: the Supremacy of Humanism in Question

Issue number 39, Dream Information
(Zip File size 1.7 MB)
Beca Lewis, Layers Of Dreaming
Guy Finley, Dreams—A Q&A Forum
Christina Sponias, Finally, the Entire Truth About Dreams
Ken Donald, Can Dreams Tell The Future?
Shen Gerald, Don't Underestimate The Usefulness Of Dreams
Steve Wickham, The Land of My Dreaming (And Yours)
Nancy Irwin, What a Nightmare!!!
Susan Wellington, Dreams And Their Meanings
Krista O'Connor, What Are Dreams Really Made Of?
Kenneth E. Asselin, Dream Interpretation Guide For Beginners
Beca Lewis, Stories In The Dream
Lucid Dreaming, Three Articles
Wider Screenings, Dream Information

Issue number 38, Time Management

(Zip File size 1.1 MB)
Bob Selden, Who's got the monkey now?
Susan Gray, 8 Simple Steps to Improve Your Time Management
Nancy B. Irwin, Be the CEO of Your Life
Guy Finley, Get One Thing Done
T. P. Carolat, Effective Time Management Training
Nick Mutt, Workplace Time Management
Beca Lewis, A Mouse Reminder
Hani Masgidi, Basics in Time Management Questions
Kristine Geimure, Time Management Tips
Ron Finkelstein, Time Management Tips — Cut Out Interruptions
Wider Screenings, Time Management

Issue number 37, Purpose of Life
(Zip File size 1.4 MB)

Issue number 36, Forgiveness
(Zip File size 1.1 MB)

Issue number 35, Anger Management
(Zip File size 1.0 MB)

Issue number 34, Positive Thinking
(Zip File size 1.1 MB)

Issue number 33, November 30, 2009
(Zip File size 1.1 MB)
This issue features:
Joyce Shafer, You Are More! (Extra)
Claudette Rowley, The Art of Wanting
Guy Finley, The Higher Self-Understanding That Heals All Hurts
Sharon Elaine, Money / Prosperity / Wealth Affirmations
Pat Rocchi, Perception — from The Six P’s of Change
Joyce Shafer, Create Your Order Form for 2010
Joyce Shafer, Say Goodbye to New Year Resolutions
Wider Screenings, Humanism in Eastern European Cinema

Issue number 32, November 23, 2009
(Zip File size 1 MB)
This issue features:
Guy Finley Selected Articles (Extra)
Sharon Elaine, The Power of Affirmations (Extra)
Roy E. Klienwachter, W.Y.S.I.W.Y.G.
Joyce Shafer, What is Your Core Safety Switch
Geoffrey Canavan, Success is Both a Beginning and an End
Gabriella Kortsch, Your Parents, Your Children and the Marital Bed
Linda Hampton, 15 Secrets Boomers Can Use to Energize the Mind
Wider Screenings, Of Earth & Of Heaven

Issue number 31, November 16, 2009
(Zip File size 1.2 MB)
This issue features:
Indra Reinpuu, Taking Risks
Sharon Elaine, Affirmations Concerning Legal Complications
Guy Finley, Start Being the Light of the World
Kim Buck, Is Weight Your Designated Issue?
David Leonhardt, Simply Enough
Joyce Shafer, Do You Feed Negativity?
Steve Wickham, Passing and Failing the Identity Test
Wider Screenings, Time-Traveller’s Wife

Issue number 30, November 9, 2009
(Zip File size 1.7 MB)
This issue features:
Dr. Amit Goswami, The Quantum Activist
Sharon Elaine, Affirmations for Safety
Keith Varnum, Who’s In Charge Here?
Royane Real, Conversation Skills
Guy Finley, New Powers to Help Perfect Your Relationships
Jim Donovan, Are Your Goals Exciting?
John Osgood, Memorization Techniques Without Hypnosis
Wider Screenings, The Box

Issue number 29, November 2, 2009
Click the cover to download zip file of this issue  (File size 1.9 MB)

This issue features:
Debi Davis, Building Healthy Boundaries
Guy Finley, From Codependent to Independent
Sharon Elaine, Affirmations to help Broken Relationships
Joyce Shafer, Proof vs. Faith in Infinite Abundance
Randolph J. Rogers, The Key of Life
Justine Toms, Let Your Light Shine
Bingru Song, A Natural Philosopher
Wider Screenings, Paranormal Activity

Issue number 28, October 26, 2009

Click cover to download zip file of the entire issue  (File size 1.8 MB)

If you choose to not download the entire issue you may select just the indiviual sections you want (PDF zip file size shown):
Sharon Elaine, Affirmations for Coping with Stress (192 KB)
Ken Bossone, Don’t Be Satisfied With Average (612 KB)
Eve A. Wood, The Gift of Betrayal (264 KB)
Guy Finley, Develop the Indomitable Self in You (296 KB)
Myles J. Schneider, Improving Your Sleep (168 KB)
Geri O’Neill, What’s Your Story? (240 KB)
Impossible is Just a Word (60 KB)
Wider Screenings, Mao’s Last Dancer (216 KB)

Issue number 27, October 19, 2009
Click cover to download zip file of the entire issue  (File size 1.3 MB)

If you choose to not download the entire issue you may select just the indiviual sections you want (PDF zip file size shown):
Sharon Elaine, Affirmations for Truth and Honesty (121 KB)
Caroline Myss, False Belief (240KB)
Guy Finley, Go Beyond Thinking and Stop Sinking (276 KB)
Peter Sacco, What Do Women Really Want? (260 KB)
Melissa Zollo, 10 Magical Steps (160 KB)
M. Ted Morter, Jr, Eat Your Way to Better Health (240 KB)
Daniel Linder, Finding True Love Through Intimacy (188 KB)
Wider Screenings, Fame (188 KB)

Issue number 26, October 12, 2009
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If you choose to not download the entire issue you may select just the indiviual sections you want (PDF zip file size shown):
Sharon Elaine, Affirmations for Energy (196 KB)
Neale Donald Walsch, Stopping Meditation (204 KB)
Guy Finley, Open Your Spiritual Eyes (244 KB)
Kim Buck, Revealing Your Inner Conflict (168 KB)
James Looram, Your Essential Self (200 KB)
Beca Lewis, Happiness Now (276 KB)
Caroline Sutherland, Hay Fever and Allergies (132 KB)
Wider Screenings, Second Chances in Life (280 KB)

Issue number 25, October 5, 2009
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If you choose to not download the entire issue you may select just the indiviual sections you want (PDF file size shown):
Sharon Elaine, Affirmations for Single Parents (223 KB)
Dan Millman, Liberating the Mind — Here and Now (202 KB)
Nancy Irwin, Tips to Blast Through Blind Spots (215 KB)
Guy Finley, The Illusion of Limitation (275 KB)
Debbie Robins, Stop Blaming Money for Your Problems (170 KB)
Rick Smith, Buying into Your Own Status Quo (250 KB)
April Mims, Living with an Attitude of Gratitude (110 KB)
Wider Screenings, Fine Art of Cinematic Con-Artistry (205 KB)

Issue number 24, September 28, 2009
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If you choose to not download the entire issue you may select just the indiviual sections you want (PDF file size shown):
Sharon Elaine, Affirmations for Dealing with Additions  (224 KB)
Esther & Jerry Hicks, Staying Positive Around Lackful Others  (400 KB)
Gallwey, Hanzelik & Horton, Build a Personal Shield  (252 KB)
Marc Fisher, Are You Afraid to Stop?  (220 KB)
Guy Finley, Giving Yourself (and Others) Room to Grow  (328 KB)
Beba Papakyriakou, Let's Slow Down  (360 KB)
Davis Goss, Anatomy of Problem Solving  (320 KB)
Wider Screenings, Hollywood Medical Ethics & the "Weepie" (356 KB)

Issue number 23, September 21, 2009
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If you choose to not download the entire issue you may select just the indiviual sections you want (PDF file size shown):
Ken Bossone, Why Positive Thinkers have the Power  (688 KB)
James Arthur Ray, Aladdin’s Lamp  (228 KB)
D. A. Benton, Run an Effective Meeting  (248 KB)
Sharon Elaine, Sleep Challenges  (236 KB)
Guy Finley, Find New Strength in Awakened Attention  (264 KB)
Melissa Zollo, Imagination is Power!  (208 KB)
Joyce Shafer, How Do You Listen to Yourself?  (348 KB)
Wider Screenings, Mortality and Desire  (420 KB)

Issue number 22, September 14, 2009
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If you choose to not download the entire issue you may select just the indiviual sections you want (PDF file size shown):
Guy Finley, Take Yourself to a Higher, Happier Life Level  (284 KB)
Peter Shepherd, Turning Problems into Challenges  (192 KB)
Steven Snyder, Moments Can Be Momentous  (416 KB)
Melissa McCreery, Getting What You Want and Need  (220 KB)
Jack Armstrong, Your Mind Rules the World  (340 KB)
Sharon Elaine, Affirmations for Love  (340KB)
Daylle Deanna Schwartz, "Just This Once" Not!  (140 KB)
Wider Screenings, Inglourious Basterdry  (352 KB) 

Issue number 21,  September 7, 2009
Dr John F. Demartini, Read and Write Your Goals
Susan Payton, Making Sense of Marketing
Guy Finley, New Freedom from Self-Defeating Behavior
Joseph O'Connor, Self-Appreciation
Lorraine Roe, Your Innate Abilities
Ton Pascal / Sharon Elaine, Affirmations
Wider Screenings, Taking Charge of One's Destiny

Issue number 20,  August 31, 2009

Soupios and Mourdoukoutas, The Ten Golden Rules
Laura Howard West, The Real Secret to Success...
Guy Finley, Letting Go a Little Bit at a Time
Davis Goss, The Availability of Infinite Supply
Sharon Elaine, Affirmations for Healing the Planet
Donna Gunter, 10 Steps to Your Internet Marketing Plan
Wider Screenings, The Universality of Human Rights

Issue number 19,  August 24, 2009

Sandra & Matthew Blakeslee, The Body Mandala
Kate Forster, Astrology in the Workplace
Guy Finley, Love's Secret Hold on the Human Heart
Caroline Sutherland, The Body Knows
Sharon Elaine, Affirmations for Health Concerns
Nancy Daly, Finding Joy Amidst the Chaos
Beba Papakyriakou, Releasing Negativity
Wider Screenings, From Woodstock to Snuff

Issue number 18,  August 17, 2009

Elinor Stutz, The Sales Personality
Michael Michalko, Carpe Diem
Linda Sapadin, Can Men and Women Be Friends?
Guy Finley, Enter Into The Untroubled Now
Sharon Elaine, Love Yor Body... One Day at a Time
Gabriella Kortsch, Cellular Responsibility
Wider Screenings, Beyond the Boomers

Issue number 17,  August 10, 2009

Summer McStravick, Conductivity and Resistance
Talha Tashfeen Qayyum, Unemployment is an Opportunity
Guy Finley, The Secret of Effortless Happiness
Paula Eder, 3 Questions
Sharon Elaine, Affirmations for Grief
Jason Croxford, Weight Loss Motivation
Mark Bowser, How to Deal with Difficult Customers
Wider Screenings, Johnny Depp, Public Enemy # 1

Issue number 16,  August 3, 2009

Eldon Taylor, The Genie
Warren Wojnowski, Essential Law of Attraction Lessons
Ann Ronan, Biggest Key to Self-Employment Success
Guy Finley, The Power of Inner Storms to Live Stress Free
Mark Bowser, How to Create an Ocean of Referrals!
Sharon Elaine, Affirmations for Luck
Wider Screenings, Spiderman in Hell

Issue number 15,  July 27, 2009
His Holiness, The Dalai Lama, Consciousness
Jack Armstrong, Illusions of the Physical World
Guy Finley, Transformational Power in Self-Reliance
Sharon Elaine, Affirmations for Spiritual Matters
Mark Bowser, The Keys to Empowered Leadership
Daylle Deanna Schwartz, Lightening Guilt
Wider Screenings, Borat Does Bruno

Issue number 14,  July 20, 2009

Jon Berghoff, Influencing Others
Sharon Elaine, Affirmations for Career Challenges
Peter Shepherd, The Hierarchy of Needs
Hazel C. Palaché, The Power of Writing
Guy Finley, Choose to Remember the Light
Gabriella Kortsch, Are You in Alignment with Real You?
Wider Screenings, The Jesus Irony

Issue number 13,  July 13, 2009

Gay Hendricks, How the Upper Limit Problem Works
Guy Finley, Liberating Lessons in a Tale of Two Selves
E-Myth, 5 Skills Essential for Success
Caroline Sutherland, Stomach Problems
Sharon Elaine, Affirmations for Entrepreneurs
Benjamin Fry, Relationships
Ton Pascal, Dream Your Life Positively
Wider Screenings, A Self-Healing World

Issue number 12,  July 6, 2009
Steve Pavlina, How to Build Your Power
Guy Finley, Ten Causes of Needless Heartaches
Sharon Elaine, Write Your Own Affirmations
Verusha Singh, If Pigs Did Fly
Chuck Gallozzi, Unlocking the Power of Words
Julie Cohen, Networking is Not a Dirty Word
Sally Tippett Rains, Get Going!
Wider Screenings, Disney's Family?

Issue number 11,  June 29, 2009

Michael Michalko, 100 Monkeys
Vince Chiles, Crisis Resolution  
Guy Finley, Develop the Power of Patience  
Phoebe Chongchua, Are You Buried Beneath Rubbish?
Dr Michael G. Holt, Things to Know About Meditation
Sharon Elaine, Affirmations for a New Day  
Joe Love, You Are What You Believe  
Wider Screenings, When Harry Divorced Sally

Issue number 10,  June 22, 2009
Deepak Chopra, Seven Spiritual Laws of Success
Geri O'Neill, Your Amazing Brain
Christopher K. Randolph, Asking Right Questions
Guy Finley, Realize Your True Self in Stillness
Daniel Linder, The Most Important Relationship
Desiderata / Sharon Elaine, Affirmations, Patience
Wider Screenings, World Cinema and The Secret

Issue number 9,  June 15, 2009
Louise L. Hay, What We Give Out, We Get Back
Guy Finley, Principles of Invisible Justice  
Dr Jane Bolton, How to Double Your Creativity
Law of Attraction and Millionaire Mind  
Sharon Elaine, Affirmations  
Margaret Morzkowski, The Eight Secrets...
Wallace Wattles, The Science of Getting Rich
Wider Screenings, Stating Play

Issue number 8,  June 8, 2009
Wayne W. Dyer, Excuses Begone! Part two  
Ask Caroline Sutherland  
Sharon Elaine, Affirmations For Life — Forgiveness  
Guy Finley, You Can Change the World  
Meryl Ann Butler, Armageddon or Quantum Leap?  
Dr Bill Path, Humanity's Pursuit of Purpose  
Cindy Ashton, Kiss Your Monsters Goodbye  
Anne Hartley, Creating Harmony Within    
Wider Screenings, James Bond, Partisan...  

Issue number 7,  June 1, 2009
Wayne W. Dyer, Excuses Begone! Part one
Guy Finley, Liberate Yourself
Jeanie Marshall, Asking Empowering Questions
Yasha, The Body-Mind Connection
Sharon Elaine, Affirmations: Hopes and Dreams
Jim Donovan, Don't Push Your Goals Away
Gabriella Kortsch, Tending Your Inner Garden
Song Chengxiang, One Fundamental Law of Success
Wider Screenings,  Star Trek, Star Wars...

Issue number 6,  May 23, 2009

Caroline Sutherland,  Power of Addictions  
Daniel Linder, Me, You, Us  
Sharon Elaine, Affirmations for Life—Healing  
Darlene Braden, The Incredible <Pause> Button  
Guy Finley, Your True Nature is High  
Robin Silverman, Something Wonderful  
Indra Reinpuu, Fading Future  
Mother Teresa in Quotes  
Neel Raman, Book Behind The Secret  
Wider Screenings, Angels to Demons

Issue number 5,  May 17, 2009
 Gregg Braden, Fractal Time
 Sharon Elaine, The Power Of Affirmations (part 2)
 Guy Finley, The Power To Change Your Past
 Peter lawrence, The Happy Minimalist
 Stephen Ryan, Arnold Schwarzenegger's Positive Thinking
 Nancy Daly, Time For Change?
 R C Peck, The Neurology Of Investing
 Wider Screenings, Positive Thinking to End-of-World Fantasy

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09-03    April 17, 2009
09-04    May 1, 2009

And here are the acompanying bonus ebooks...

101 Ways to Living Greener: Tips to Save Our Environment
Acres of Diamonds (by Russell H. Conwell)
An Outlook on Gratitude (by Ina Alexeij)
Art of Perception (by Beca Lewis)
Awareness: An Owners Manual (by Katherine Murray)
Because We Are Powerful (by Melissaa Zollo)
Beyond No Self (by Nirmala)
Boost Your Self Esteem in 24 Hours (by Tony Rizk)
Selected Articles (by Guy Finley)
How to Be Happy (by Michael Anthony)
Meditation Made Easy (by Bryan C. Hood)
Nothing Personal: Seeing Beyond the Illusion of a Separate Self (by Nimbala)
Peace Pilgrim
Power of Affirmations (by Sharon Elaine)
Purpose and Mission (by Stephanie Frank)
Take Time to Think (by David Goss)
Tending Your Inner Garden (by Dr. Gabriella Kortsch)
The Science of Getting Rich (by Wallace Wattles) -plus- The Path of Prosperity (by James Allen)
Think and Grow Rich (by Napoleon Hill)
The Learning Diet (by Steve Wickham)
Visualize and Attract (by Patric Chan)
You Are More (by Joyce Shafer)

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